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Using the Mako SmartRobotics™ for Total Knee replacement

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Recent advances in technology have prompted surgeons to explore the possibility of total knee replacement surgery without needing to cut open a major vein. It is achieved by using Mako’s SmartRobotics, the first robotic system to perform a full leg and hip replacement surgery. The Mako SmartRobotics use a Da Vinci-like console and three robotic arms to provide an easy interface for operating on patients who need total knee removal.

How Mako Smartrobotics Works
Mako’s SmartRobotics incorporates three robotic arms with the ability to perform close-in surgery. The out-of-the-box needed for anesthesia monitoring, imaging and robotic surgery is automatically installed on the console. Vein identification is possible thanks to a small imaging camera built into one of the robot’s arms.
There are no additional catheters needed during surgery, which reduces the risk of blood loss. Vein identification is very important because most vein grafts used in hip replacement surgeries are not suitable for knee insertion, as many of them have a low flow rate and capacity. Mako’s SmartRobotics is a fully servo-actuated robotic system consisting of three arms with an adjustable working range that allows the surgeon to perform all procedures on the patient’s lower leg. The robot’s first arm has a 20-millimeter endoscope with an LED light that enables smooth and quick control of instruments.
The second robotic arm has a high-speed camera and can acquire X-ray images. In contrast, the third robotic arm is used to perform radiofrequency (RF) ablation, which can be extended to perform other surgical procedures. The robot can also function independently, retracting into the console for easy navigation and positioning.

Who Is Mako Replacement Surgery Intended For?
The Mako SmartRobotics is a fully autonomous system used for different procedures. In the case of total knee replacement surgery, the patient does not need to go through general anesthesia. The robotic system can detect and identify the groin vein for vein augmentation and provides a higher flow rate that does not limit blood loss during surgery. It can be important in removing the large vein from under the knee to enable the placement of a smaller graft.
Additionally, the system can be used to replace the patellar tendon and even perform reconstructive surgery on the ACL or meniscus of the knee.

What Are the Risks with Mako Smartrobotics Surgery?
One of the main risks is the possibility of patient motion. If a patient moves too much during surgery, the surgical tools might get stuck inside the patient. Also, if a large vein gets damaged during surgery, there is a possibility that it might break off at some point and block blood flow to the lower leg. It can lead to serious consequences, such as gangrene and infection in the limb under it.

Is Mako Offered Through Eminent Medical Center?
Yes, Mako is available through Eminent Medical Center. Orthopedic Surgery in Richardson TX has integrated custom components into the Mako SmartRobotics. It includes a custom-made console to control surgical instruments and an RVT (Revolute Vibrating Tourniquet) that can be applied to the legs to keep them in position during surgery.
With Mako’s SmartRobotics, total knee replacement surgery can now be performed without needing to cut a major vein. It is particularly useful in patients who have undergone multiple knee surgeries, as it minimizes the risk of them developing blood clots or endangering their health.

At Eminent Medical Center in Richardson, Texas, we have the tools to make total knee replacement easier than ever.