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How is Recovery After Foot & Ankle Surgery?

foot and ankle surgery

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When you have persistent ankle pain from a chronic condition, such as arthritis or an injury, your doctor may recommend surgery if other treatment methods have failed. Eminent Medical Center in Richardson, TX provides foot and ankle surgery to get you back to your initial condition before the injury and pain. Severe ankle and foot pain threaten your mobility, and the subsequent pain affects your general well-being as it can restrict your ability to perform everyday tasks and exercise.

After you’ve had a foot and ankle surgery, you should observe the following during recovery.

• Ensure that you have a functional support system during the first few days after your surgery. When you are released from the hospital, you should have someone drive you home and help with daily tasks. You can ask a friend to drop by and run your errands and other things that you cannot do by yourself.

Make the home healing conducive by getting rid of navigation hazards. Install non-skid mats and grab bars in places where you may require extra stability. Clear all pathways of clutter to avoid accidents.

• Your doctor will advise on weight-bearing restrictions as part of postoperative instructions. Therefore, you require an assistive device like a walker to help you walk around and stand with full support. Do not stand for a long time, especially on hard surfaces. While sleeping, keep your leg elevated within the initial two weeks after surgery.

• Your ankle and foot will be in a bandage. Keep the dressing clean and dry, and stick to your doctor’s instructions for how and when to shower.

• Post-surgical shoes offer support and comfort to help you prevent injury while recovering. You have to wear post-surgical shoes for at least six weeks, and you can remove them when your doctor approves it.

• Take your medication as instructed. If you have medicine for other ailments, you can resume having them unless advised otherwise.

• Avoid smoking as it can affect postoperative healing.

• To hasten the healing process, eat notorious foods. Eat foods high in fiber as some medications can cause constipation. The food will help maintain healthy bowel movements.

• Regularly check the incision point for signs of infection. Fever, swelling, warmth, and pain around the incision site are indicators of an infection. Contact your doctor as soon as you notice any of these symptoms.

• Do not miss attending your follow-up appointments. You will usually go for your first visit when the bandage is due for removal.


Recovery Time
People take different times to recover, but most take three to four months to revert to their routine. Most complex ankle and foot surgeries can take up to a year to recover. After two months, you can wear regular footwear, depending on your healing rate.

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